Now, InUnity hasn’t always been called InUnity....


Originally we founded as United in Dance in 2014 in Sutton, south London.  Based on our successful Positive Futures programme, the idea was to use dance as our main form of engagement to reach a wide range of communities.  But our remit started to grow including the addition of a move to Birmingham.

By September 2012, United in Dance was running substantial programmes in Sutton and Birmingham, but by now we were delivering far more than just dance.  The programmes in London and Birmingham are very different; different communities mean using different methods of engagement.  Different funders require different outcomes.  However as our name suggests, we work in unity – sharing good practice, adapting and replicating our successes and growing the organisation -  not too quick – but just at the right pace!

InUnity is relatively small – there are only two full-time members on the team but we work hard.  InUnity prides itself on our relationship with our partners, funders and board members who all help us achieve our goals.